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Real Folders for Visual Studio

Real Folders for Visual Studio is a free plugin which makes Solution Folders map to real file system folders. With Real Folders you have the opportunity to organize your files in a simpler way than standard Visual Studio Solution Folders behave (completely uncommited to any folder on your file system).

The current requisites are very simple:
  1. To provide a way to create folders inside your solution (not inside any projetct) that reflects real folders on your file system (obviously, under the folder the solution is kept).

(yes, only ONE requisite)

Comments, impressions and suggestions are extremely welcome.

Help Needed

  1. Logo - A logo for the product. If you are a designer and want to contribute, go ahead;
  2. Icons - An icon for the folder inside the solution (which my feeling says must be different from the dotted standard folder icon);
  3. Writing - A native or expert in English, since this is not my mother language, I may and will make some mistakes... Can you help me to be more clearer?

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